South China Agricultural UniversityAnimal Science Training Program
1 Professional Name
Animal science;     Professional Code: 090501
The program aims at: ①moral, intellectual and physical development, ②master the basic theory of animal science, animal production and basic skills, ③have innovative spirit and practical ability, ④can present major-related teaching, research and business units and administrative departments engaged in teaching, research, technology promotion and administration of complex work of high-quality innovative talents.
3The Training Specifications
(1) The graduates have a broader humanities and natural sciences basics, a firm grasp of animal resources investigation, species of animal genetic evaluation and selection, animal breeding, animal nutrition and feed formulas, livestock intensification, standardization of production and management, aquaculture farm planning and design of the basic theory of animal science and animal production of basic skills; understanding of the development trend of animal science forefront of the development of knowledge, technology and animal production, animal husbandry have awareness of sustainable development.
(2) Understand animal epidemic prevention and disease control, animal husbandry machinery and equipment, livestock products storage and roughing relevant knowledge and technologies; understand animal resource protection and development and utilization of livestock distribution, environmental protection and other relevant policies and regulations.
(3) Masters basic method of document retrieval, has certain scientific research and practical work.
(4) Have pioneering and innovative spirit and strong investigation and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written communication skills, with the ability to independently obtain the basic knowledge, information processing and innovation.
Duration and Degree
  Four years,Awarded: Bachelor of Agricultural Science.
5Graduation requirements and course structure
  In the teaching program, curricular total hours are 2256 hours, graduate students should obtain a total credit of 160 credits, including 73 credits compulsory courses, 38 credits of elective courses, practical courses 49 credits.
Hours assignment and graduation credit requirementsCourse RoleCreditCredit HoursPractice Weeks
ObligatoryLiberal required course29496496

Specialty Required course44704704

ElectiveLiberal Lesson Features16256256

Elective expand22352352

practiceExperimental Teaching15480
Other Practices34

graduation requirements1602288180848034
Elective and Practice of StatisticsElective proportion23.75%Practice proportion30.63%

NOTE: curricular compulsory course = Total Hours Total Hours Total Hours + + elective experimental teaching hours;
Elective ratio = elective course credit Subtotal / 160 * 100%; ratio = Practice Practice Education Credits Subtotal / 160 * 100%