Wu Yatai    Secretary of the Party Committee
Duty:Responsible for the party committee full work in college; responsible for the ideological education of the teaching staff and organize the issues for cadre personnel, retired and alumni.
Office: Wen's building 207
Tel: 020-87579372
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: wyt@scau.edu.cn

Jiang Qingyan   Dean
Duty:Presided over the overall administration work of College of Animal Science; responsible for finance, discipline construction, faculty construction and external cooperation
Office: Wen's Building 202
Tel: 020-85281269      
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: qyjiang@scau.edu.cn

Zhang Haiping    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
Duty:Responsible for the party building, ideological education and publicity; organize mass work.
Office: Wen's building 203
Tel: 020-8528349
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: zhanghaiping@scau.edu.cn

Huang Qingsheng   Associate Dean 
Duty: Responsible for the administration management and the campus bases; assist retired work.
Office: Wen's building 205
Tel: 020-85280272
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: qingsheng@scau.edu.cn

Xie Qingmei   Associate Dean 
Duty: responsible for scientific research, graduate and international communication.
Office: Wen's building 203
Tel: 020-85280283/85280872
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: qmx@scau.edu.cn

Nie Qinghua    Associate Dean
Duty: responsible for undergraduate teaching, experimental teaching center.
Office: Wen's building 205
Tel: 020-85285759/85285856
Fax: 020-85280740
E-mail: nqinghua@scau.edu.cn