Boasting the earliest established disciplines in South China Agricultural University, College of Animal Science has a long school history, which can be traced back to 1909 and establishment of the Agriculture and Forestry Institute attached to Guangdong Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1952, the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Departments of the Sun Yat-sen University Agricultural College, Lingnan University Agricultural College and Guangxi University Agricultural College were combined into the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department of South China Agricultural College, and Animal Husbandry was set up at the same time. Established in 1987, the Department of Animal Husbandry changed its name to the Department of Animal Science in 1992 and the College of Animal Science was established in 2001. The College is equipped with three undergraduate majors: Animal Science, Aquaculture and Sericulture. Among them, Animal Science is not only the national characteristic specialty and brand major of Guangdong Province, but also a national pilot major of Innovation Experimentation Area with Personnel Training Mode; Aquaculture is a new major established in 2004, which boasts a prosperous momentum of development; Sericulture is also a particular major in Guangdong Province. For a long time, our college has carried out extensive cooperation with a large number of outstanding enterprises represented by Guangdong Wen's Group and thus formed its distinctive features of integrating industry, education and research. With great achievements, our College won the Second State-level Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Education and the Second State-level Prize of Science and Technology Progress and becomes a model of Industry-University-Research Cooperation in China.

Discipline Construction: College of Animal Science is characterized by a profound professional background with powerful strength of running a college. Animal Husbandry is one of the key (primary) subjects in Guangdong Province. With a Post-doctoral Research Station of Animal Husbandry and the first-level discipline to award the Doctoral Degree of Animal Husbandry, the college owns 6 second-level discipline Doctoral Degree programs-Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Genetics and Breeding, Special Economic Animal Breeding, Physiology, Animal Science and Aquatic Biology, and 7 master degree programs -Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Genetics and Breeding, Special Economic Animal Breeding, Animal Science, Physiology and Aquaculture. In recent years, the college has held a large number of major scientific research projects, including the national major genetically modified (GM) special research projects, 863 National Research and Development Plan Projects, 973 National Research and Development Plan Projects and the National Natural Science Foundation, with an average annual scientific research fund of more than 40 million yuan.

Faculty: Our College is equipped with 104 highly qualified and professional teachers, including 25 professors, 39 associate professors, 22 doctoral supervisors and 66 master's tutors. Among 25 professors, there is 1 part-time academician, 2 Changjiang Scholars, 3 Ding Ying Professors , 1 New Century Excellent Talents, 6 post scientists at the National Modern Agricultural Technology System, 2 masters at Comprehensive Test Station and 4 talents at provincial Personnel Training Plan and over 10 professors served as deputy director or higher positions of the National Second-level Association. There are 1305 existing students, including 62 doctoral students, 312 master students and 931 undergraduate students.
Teaching and Research: Our College is equipped with excellent teaching and scientific research conditions. With more than 20,000 square meters of school teaching and research building, our College owns 5 Teaching and Research Bases, 20,000 square meters of dormitories and 25 Off-Campus Scientific Research Bases. Supported by three National Teaching and Research Platforms-National Engineering Research Center for Breeding Swine Industry, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Breeding Animal Industry and National Animal Science Experiment Teaching Center-and other 5 provincial-level platforms such as Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Sericulture, Asia Pacific Training Center, our College makes every effort to improve the quality of personnel training, and actively carry out domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, we also established a ‘’2+2’’ joint training project with The University of Western Australia. Our College has the ability to cultivate high-quality talents with outstanding practical ability, innovative and entrepreneurial spirits to adapt to the needs of the community.

Scholarships: Our College has set up all kinds of scholarships, which can not only play the role of rewarding the excellent performances, but also help the needy. With the hope of encouraging students, in addition to National Scholarships and Grants, the college also has more than 10 scholarships such as Wen's Scholarship, Yiduoli Scholarship , AsiaPac Scholarship, Xingye Scholarship, Bi Yingzuo Scholarship, Huang Ziran Scholarship, Nuo Wei Scholarship,Degusai Scholarship, Wang Da Scholarship, Liyang Scholarship, Boen Grants, Bolinger Scholarship and Meinong Animal Nutrition Scholarship. The College scholarships in 2014 exceed one million yuan, and the coverage rate of student awards can reach 60%.

Industry-University Cooperation: College of Animal Science cooperates with Guangdong Wen's Group and explores the ideas of combining Industry-University-Research for development, to create a huge economic benefits and social benefits. We focus on fostering innovative talent training mode. For example, the combined training method of school courses + enterprise   course + enterprise practice is implemented by strengthening and improving perfect cooperation, setting up Wen's Group Class, and offering independent class funds and grants funds. Wen's Group Class is authorized to have independent enrollment in the recruitment. Moreover, Enterprise Culture Class is established to cultivate students’ entrepreneurial consciousness and occupation spirits, build research operation platforms, and constantly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as improve the quality of personnel training.

Industry Outlook: Our College has set up a series of majors that boasts prosperous prospects in employment. Graduate students employment is in short supply; employment rate of graduates remained above 98% and the graduate school enrollment rate exceeds 30%. Many graduates become entrepreneurs, scientists, civil servants and social celebrities, and are well recognized by the community.

Honors: First Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Education in Guangdong Province, Number One in Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation,2014, Second Prize in Employment Competitions in 2014, Excellent Youth League in 2014  .