Key Subject of Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is one of the earliest established disciplines of South China Agricultural University. It was authorized to confer the Master's Degree in 1981 and Doctoral Degree in 1998. In 2003, the Post-doctoral Research Station of Animal Husbandry was established and in 2005 Animal Husbandry was granted the right to confer the Doctoral Degree of the first-level discipline Animal Husbandry. In 2003 and 2007, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science was approved one of the key (second-level discipline) subjects in Guangdong Province and in 2012, Animal Husbandry was awarded the key (primary) subject in Guangdong Province. Animal Husbandry consists of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Breeding and Health Safety and Special Economic Animal Breeding. Animal Husbandry is supported and led by 25 professors (researchers), 28 associate professors (associate professors), 1 New Century Excellent Talents and 2 Distinguished Professors in Changjiang Scholars Program. There are 5 national and 4 provincial teaching and research platforms, namely National Engineering Research Center for Breeding Swine Industry, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Breeding Animal Industry, Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture for Broiler Genetics and Breeding, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory for Animal Genomics and Molecular Breeding, The South-China Observation Station of the Ministry of Agriculture for Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, National Innovation Experimentation Area with Personnel Training Mode, National Animal Science Basic Experiment Teaching Center and National Personnel Training Bases with Agriculture-Science-Education Cooperation for Animal Husbandry. During the China’s 11th Five-Year period, the college has held nearly 100 scientific research projects, including the 863 National Research and Development Plan Projects, 973 National Research and Development Plan Projects, major genetically modified (GM) special research projects of Ministry of Agriculture, and the National Natural Science Foundation, with an average annual scientific research fund of more than 150 million yuan and won the Second State-level Prize of Science and Technology Progress, Science and Technology Progress Grant Prize of Guangdong Province, Science and Technology Progress First Prize of Guangdong Province and other awards. For a long time, Animal Husbandry has given full play to the talent and technology advantages, carried out sincere cooperation for more than 20 years with Wen's Group and achieved fruitful achievements, winning the Second State-level Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Education and the Second State-level Prize of Science and Technology Progress. Wen's Group has become Asia's largest farming enterprises. With a win-win situation of discipline development and enterprise development, our College has become a successful example of Industry-University-Research Cooperation for the domestic universities and enterprises.


Established since 1917,Sericulture of South China Agricultural University has formed distinctive tropical and subtropical characteristics through the efforts of several generations. South China Agricultural University is one of the two universities, which has Sericulture Doctoral and Master’s Degree with enrollment only for undergraduate students majored in Sericulture and has the ability to carry out three levels of personnel training at the same time in China. Sericulture of South China Agricultural University was listed as the ‘’National Special Major’’ by the Ministry of Education. The current two post scientists of Sericulture presided over the 973 National Research and Development Plan Projects and Modern Agriculture (Sericulture) Industrial Technology System Project and other projects in recent years, and has made remarkable achievements in basic science of Sericulture, tropical and subtropical Sericulture breeding and utilization of resources, training of postgraduate, international training and new technology demonstration and promotion etc. as well as formed the characteristics and advantages of scientific and technological research of tropical and subtropical Sericulture. At the same time, we cooperate   with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Council (WFC) to establish Sericulture Training Center in Asia Pacific Region and International Center for Training in Agriculture, China. The subject has established close contact with 45 universities from 18 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and the academic exchanges with some universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan are also becoming more and more frequent.