Universität Hohenheim,Germany, Came to Our College for Academic Exchange

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At 9:30 am on November 22, Rainer Mosenthin,a professor at Universität Hohenheim, Germany, former director of the Institute of Nutritional Physiology and Reproduction, and lecturer at the University of Alberta and the National University of Thailand came to the 19 th Session of the Animal Science Lecture of our College for academic exchange with our faculty and students.


Rainer Mosenthin

Professor Rainer Mosenthin from Universität Hohenheim, Germany

The exchange was hosted by Wang Xiuqi, a researcher at the Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Department of the College of Animal Science. First of all, Professor Wang Xiuqi extended a warm welcome to Professor Rainer Mosenthin for his academic visits and academic exchanges. He also introduced Professor Rainer Mosenthin to the teachers and students in the field. Then Professor Rainer Mosenthin gave an academic report entitled The use of invasive techniques for studying processes of digestion, absorption and metabolism in pigs. Professor Mosenthin started with the animal experiment management, briefly introduced the method of pig digestion sampling,and the design of metabolic cage and the application of interventional technology in the research of digestion, absorption and metabolism in pigs. He highlighted the sampling technique of T-type fistula and analyzed the biotin Ileum and ileum, as well as the use of 15N markers to study the process of pig urea recycling. Finally, the prospect of application of animal models in biomedical and human nutrition research was prospected.


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The entire academic exchange activities lasted more than two hours. Professor Mosenthin and participating teachers and students had a warm interaction and exchange of academic exchanges so that the relevant teachers and students learn the latest methods and ideas of international animal nutrition research, which is beneficial for improving the discipline level and personnel training quality.

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Rainer Mosenthin: Professor at Universität Hohenheim, Germany, former director of the Institute of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding, part-time professor at the University of Alberta in Canada, visiting professor at China Agricultural University, and professor at the National University of Thailand. He is mainly engaged in nutrition physiology and feed value evaluation standard and advocates amino acid digestibility concept and determination of technology. He has published more than 200 SCI papers in internationally renowned journals such as Journal of Animal Science and Journal of Nutrition and 3 books. Now he is the associate editor of Journal of Physiology and Animal Nutrition, editorial board member of Journal of Animal Science and Livestock Science,reviewer of Animal Feed Science and Technology and many other journals.