Professor Andre-Denis Wright and Professor JuanBoo Liang Visit College of Animal Science and Give lectures

Writer:dongke  Source:none  Date: 2016-11-25

On the morning of December 3rd, professional lectures were given in Animal Science Lecture of College of Animal Science. The speakers are Dr. Andre-Denis Wright from Canada’s University of Guelph and professor and director at College of Animal Science of University of Arizona, and Dr. JuanBoo Liang from Canada’s University of Alberta, and professor at International Institute for Tropical Agriculture Research of University Putra Malaysia. Xie Qingmei, vice president of College of Animal Science, presided over the lectures with high attendance.

      The topic of Professor Andre-Denis Wright Gut’s lecture is Gut Microbiology of Herbivores and Omnivores, including "greenhouse gas emissions in America", " emissions by livestock", "reducing production of methane", " interactions of rumen microbial", "DNA extraction and manipulation" and "the discovery of moose ",etc.. The topic of Professor JuanBoo Liang’s lecture is " The major cost in livestock and poultry Productions", mainly including " animal feed that can transfer the agricultural biomass into high value ", "PKC paroxysmal kinesigenic choreoathetosis and induced reasons of PKC " and" the challenge of agricultural biomass utilization ",etc..

     The lectures given by two professors were lively and interesting, so that the audiences benefit a lot from them. At the end of the lectures, teachers and students put forward their own doubts and feelings, which brought the lectures to a climax. This lecture presents not only a deep exchange between College of Animal Science and the international academia, but also our positive performance of learning and progress.

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